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Assessment Process

Our Assessment process


Singapore International School, Bangladesh carries out two types of internal assessment process to evaluate and to maintain academic standard of the pupils, thus It is compulsory to attend all assessment(s) process arranged during the course of study.

Two types of internal assessments are as follows:


Ø  Class Performance Assessments (CPA)

It is designed to assess pupils’ classroom performance and their understanding of the topic(s)/ chapter(s) and depth of knowledge they have acquired. Pupils will be frequently assess with their classwork (CW) & homework (HW) performance which may also include surprise test, oral & practical assessments.


Ø  Continual Assessment (CA)

This assessments will take place approximate 4/5 calendar weeks of teaching, which includes Class Test, Oral, Debate, Listening Comprehension, Case Study, Project, Physical activity.


Average 100% of the Continual Assessment marks in Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activity will be reflected as final marks in Semester Examination.


ü  It is compulsory for pupils to attend all kind of assessments scheduled by the school.

ü  All registered pupils to appear assessments (CPA, CA) without paying any assessment fee.

ü  All course modules (subjects) will be assessed by CPA and/or CA.

ü  Pupils who fail to appear assessment(s) as per the given schedule and wish to appear absent assessment(s) are to pay fee.

ü  Any assessment(s) sat for cannot be taken again for better grade.




Assessment Breakdown Chart



Class Performance Assessments

Continual Assessments (CA)


based on CW & HW

3 (three) CA per subject


based on CW & HW

3 (three) CA per subject