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Admission Process

Our Admission Process 

Applying to Singapore International School (SIS).


Through the application and interview process we endeavor to learn as much as possible about every candidate. The decisions of admissions are based on a student’s academic performance, potential, extra-curricular skills and accomplishments, integrity, and suitability for the boarding experience. Admission to Singapore International School is competitive and it is difficult to meet the demand for places in every grade. Currently, our admission is open for Pre-School level to Standard 6. Admission to Secondary Level is allowed only for existing SIS students.


Our Admission Advice

Step #1    Interview Session

General test will be conducted at the same day or the day before of admission process.

Step #2    Admission Session

Upon successful interview, the applicant’s application will be processed for admission. Parents are required to settle the following amount to complete Admission Process.

                         I.     An admission fee (registration + session fee)

  (please refer to the fee structure)

                       II.    First month tuition fee


Step #3    Submit the following Forms/Documents

                         I.    A completed Application Form

                       II.    Three recent photos of the applicant

                     III.    Two recent photos of the parents

                      IV.    Two recent photos of a relative or person, who may fetch the student.

                        V.    A copy of applicant’s birth certificate

                      VI.    A copy of last year’s final report (if any)

                    VII.    A copy of the most recent report card (if any)

                  VIII.    A copy of Testimonial or Transfer Certificate (compulsory while admitting into Primary-1 level onwards)

Our Admission Regulations


Eligibility / Registration Requirements


The minimum entry requirements for registration are as follows:-

  • Pupil who meet the age limit of the academic level.
  • Pupil who are mentally and physically fit for the academic level of entry.
  • Parents who is willing to admit their child by abiding the school’s rules and regulations.


Validity of Registration


The registration will not be valid if one of the following conditions is satisfied:

·         Pupil successfully completes an academic level.

·         The relevant time limit expires.

·      The pupil / parents inform that he/she wishes to withdraw from the school.

·       Who is asked to leave school.

·   Whose monthly tuition and other fees is irregular and overdue for two months without any approval/notification.

·    Any statement made by the parents/ pupil in their admission or registration application, is shown / proof false.