Our Curriculum

Singapore International School is one of the leading English Medium schools in Bangladesh which provides International Programs of Education from Early Child Education to O’ Level.

Our curriculum offers a complete learning package program of international standard

The curriculum has been designed by our own team keeping it level with international standard and in coherence with Singapore National Curriculum. Not only that we have thought about international standards but also Singapore International School has always given equal emphasis towards learning Bangla. A major part of the curriculum deals with the learning and teaching of proper Bangla not only as a language but also keeping in mind to encourage the students to know more about their own heritage, society and culture. Our Team of Curriculum Development (TCD) plans the academic courses for individual grades based on the main custom-designed curriculum. A comprehensive syllabus is followed in every grade, which is regularly revised by the TCD and kept consistent and uniform throughout all levels.

Our curriculum aims to complete the General Certificate of Education courses and prepare students to take the Ordinary Level exam under the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board. The examination is administered by the British Council, Dhaka.

Our Education

Pre school
(Play Group, Nursery, Kindergarten I & II)

Primary Level
Lower Primary    (Standard I to Standard III)
Upper Primary    (Standard IV to Standard VI)

Secondary Level
(Standard VII to Standard X)

The future of our society depends on the education of students and students’ learning must always be our focus. Singapore International School recognises this fact along with its responsibility to create, foster and maintain a positive and safe school environment conducive to the teaching and learning process.

Our academic session is designed in Semesters. Each semester consist of six calendar months.


Preschool Education

Nursery : This level child will go through two years foundation stage of their education. Play Group and Nursery is designed to spend a year in each stage. Children at this stage will be given a firm foundation in characteristic of English Language and Numeric numbers with the parallel classes of Nursery Rhymes in English. They will also learn key listening, reading and comprehension skill while having lots of fun with audio-visual and art craft. Nursery-2 onwards pupils will be taught how to be self-disciplined as well.

Age at the time of enrolment       : Play Group is 2 to 2+ years
Nursery is 3+ years

Kindergarten: This level is categorized in two stages as well Kindergarten-I & Kindergarten-II, each stage is designed one full year of education. Children will learn to read and spell 2, 3 and even 4 syllable words! Write sentences, paragraphs, book reviews, picture compositions, short stories, poems and riddles in English while having lot of fun with interesting writing crafts and audio-visual activities. Children in Kindergarten-II will be given firm foundation in Bengali language characters.

Children will also learn name of the months and days in Bengali and English and also simple addition, subtraction, multiplication. In this level they will learn advance stage of colouring, matching and creative ideas of making things learn about timing and time management. In addition to the above children will also be introduced to Arabic in this level.

Age at the time of enrolment: Kindergarten-1 is 4+ years
Kindergarten-2 is 5+ years


Primary Education

Primary Education: At the primary level, pupils go through a six-year education stage, from Primary One to Six.

All pupils at this stage will follow a common curriculum, which provides them with a firm foundation in English (Language and Literature) and Bengali Language, Mathematics, Science, Arabic and Islamic Studies and Computing. Also included subjects in the curriculum such as Geography, History, Art & Crafts, Music, Health Education, and Social Studies.

Pupils will learn the intricacies of writing better introductions, more original storylines and more systematic conclusions through vocabulary development, grammar mastery, systematic planning, plot development as well as editing techniques. All while having lots of fun with interesting themes, inspiring topics and relevant activities.

Pupils are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as Debate, Listening Comprehension, Oral Skills etc and to computer and computer-aided learning.

Age at the time of entering Primary level : Primary-1 is 6+ years


Secondary Education

Secondary Education: At the secondary level, pupils undergo four years of secondary education.

Pupils in the Normal (Academic) course offer English and Bengali Language, English and Bengali Literature, Mathematics, Science, Accounting, History, Geography, Literature in English, Visual Arts, Design and Technology, Home Economics, Civics and Moral Education, Physical Education and Music.

At the end of secondary education, students will sit for the Ordinary Level examination. So the preparation starts from the very beginning of this level. The curriculum is developed mainly by focusing on the aspects necessary to guide the students for the examination. Regular assessments will continue throughout this level and Mock Tests will follow these assessments during the last two levels of secondary education. We aim to prepare the students to reach the highest during these very vital and delicate stages of learning.

Age at the time of entering Secondary level    : Secondary 1 is 12+ years



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