Our Admission Process

Applying to Singapore International School (SIS).

Through the application and interview process we endeavour to learn as much as possible about every candidate. The decisions of admissions are based on a student’s academic performance, potential, extra-curricular skills and accomplishments, integrity, and suitability for the boarding experience. Admission to Singapore International School is competitive and it is difficult to meet the demand for places in every grade. Currently our admission is open for Pre-School level to Standard 6. Admission to Secondary Level is allowed only for existing SIS students.

Our Admission Advice

Step #1    Interview Session

General test will be conducted at the same day or the day before of admission process.

Step #2    Admission Session

Upon successful interview, applicant’s application will be processed for admission. Parents are required to settle the following amount to complete Admission Process.

(please refer to the fee structure)


Step #3    Submit the following Forms/Documents


Our Rules & Regulations

Eligibility / Registration Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for registration are as follows:-

Validity of Registration

The registration will not be valid if one of the following conditions is satisfied:

School Uniform

You are advised to make sure that your child/ward is coming to school with clean, proper school uniform with student’s ID card.

Drop & Pickup At School Premises

As a part to maintain school discipline, we would like to request our parents to drop off your child/ward at the main gate of the school premises, also advised to record drop and pick up time in the log/record book provided near the main gate. Please show your ‘Gate Pass’ while fetching your child / ward.

Parents/guardians are advised not to enter the school building unless you have some official matters to settle.


Since attendance is extremely important, especially during the school years, to the academic growth of children and the development of positive attitudes toward school. Parents/guardians need to make every effort to have their children attend school on a daily basis.


We require a Medical Certificate / Written Excuse or note from parent / guardians stating the reason(s) for absences, which is due on the first day back to school.


Pupils must be punctual to arrive in the school and to attend assembly. To attend assembly is compulsory. Assembly is scheduled for Kindergarten-I & II and all Primary and Secondary level pupils. Pupils should take all measures to arrive at school at least 10 min before the assembly starting time.

Pupils arriving after the above mentioned time will be considered late for the school.


All pupils must attend Continual and Semestral Assessments and any other assessment(s) process arranged during the course of study. Singapore International School, Bangladesh carries out two types of assessment process to evaluate and to maintain academic standard of the pupils.

Two types of assessments are as follows:

Continual Assessment
[Class Test / Oral / Debate / Listening Comprehension / Case Study / Project / Physical activity]

Semestral Assessments
[Semester Final Examination (Written & Oral)]

Tuition Fee

Management committee of the school would like to request all parents/guardians to settle their child/ward’s tuition fees by the 7th calendar days of every month, unless requested an earlier date. If the 7th day falls on schedule or unscheduled holiday then payment should be made on following working day.

A Late Payment Fee of TK 50/= per day will be imposed for each day of delay (8th calendar day onwards).

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