Welcome To Our Singapore International School

Singapore International School is an independent, privately-owned co-educational day school that provides International Programs of Education from Early Child Education to O’ Level. ‘We are committed to provide quality education that will equip every pupil with the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of a changing society’.

Singapore International School (SIS), is dedicated to academic excellence, and fosters cultural diversity through a curriculum. Being an international school we welcome students across the globe in out institution. Presently, we are having students of various nationalities, religion and race which we believe will help to strengthen the cultural bond among us.

Our goal is to provide our students with all of the essential elements in the learning process, and we focus on the individual learner at every grade level. Our students pursue excellence through a hands-on, inquiry based, learning through discovery philosophy. They will accept the challenges of open-handed problem solving activities, effective communication, leadership, understanding and responsibility.

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